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  • PJC Year-1 Syllabus - Syllabus PJC Year-1 This is the foundation of Vedic astrology where the teachings of the sage Parāśara are explained in scientific detail. The principles involved in each śloka must be understood to ensure a strong foundation. Dṛṣṭi (aspects) are all… Continue Reading
  • Jyotiṣa Paṇḍita - The Jyotiṣa Paṇḍita Certification examination can be taken by students after they complete the following academic years of study of the Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course. PJC Year-1 PJC Year-2A PJC Year-2B PJC Year-3 Rules and Regulations The examination and viva-voce is… Continue Reading
  • Payments and refunds - Who do I pay fees to? Tuition fees are payable to the Course Creator Pt. Sanjay Rath at www.paypal.com to the email account guruji@srath.com. Home students can send a cheque payable to ‘Sanjay Rath’ to the address 15B Gangaram Hospital… Continue Reading

About PJC

  • Expansion of Nārāyaṇa – Directions - In the lesson Foundation of Vedic Astrology, the first division of the body of Nārāyaṇa was divided into four parts. If we consider the entire body to be represented by an endless circle, then dividing by 4 would give quarters… Continue Reading
  • Vidya, Jnana and Mantra - As you know we have a contact class for a short period where we teach some of the topics of the PJC and get an opportunity to meet with the students. The interaction is very beneficial for both as in… Continue Reading
  • Jyotiṣa Devatā - As a subject, Jyotiṣa has a few major heads which include - • Lakṣaṇa Śāstra which means study of the omens and signs on the body and around. This includes Hastā-rekhā śāstra or palmistry which is the forte of Subrāhmaṇya… Continue Reading
  • Time Required - How many hours by week i.e. how much time is required? Also in which month (approx) the contact program will be held? Answer: You can study the course at your own pace as each individual has their own time and… Continue Reading
  • Online Classes - How are the classes conducted online through internet? Answer: The classes are conducted through lessons. These lessons are online pages and they also have video in the form of recorded slides from live classes that were conducted in the Himalayas.… Continue Reading
  • New Batch? - Will the course starting from January (2015, or any year) have a new batch of people or the course is continuing from previous years? Answer: Whenever we mention 'New Batch' it means that this is for a new batch of… Continue Reading
  • New PJC Members - Some of you have joined PJC Year-1 and have made direct debit payments to the bank account. Since the details provided by the bank are quite difficult for us non-bankers to figure out, you are request Continue Reading

Mentors Notes & Resources

  • Grammar References - Name: theodor Email: thsiaf1@hotmail.gr shared the following links for Sanskrit Learning ... This is mostly a public domain place hosting electronic libraries, as far as i can judge. The books can be downloaded for free, they are out of copyright… Continue Reading
  • Śrī Gaṇarāja Sādhanā - The Gaṇarāja sādhanā for the first year is to be initiated with the teachings of Maharṣi Mudgala (Gaṇeśa Purāṇa). Sādhanā Plan Year-1: Gaṇeśa – Long life, free from all diseases, removal of all troubles and obstacles in the learning path… Continue Reading

PJC Year-1

  • Prayers for Vedic Learning - In the first year you will learn two main directions of mantras and prayers. One is the worship of Guru and Gaṇeśa, while the second is Narasiṁha sādhanā. Listening to the Guru vandana improves your brilliance, faith and spirituality. You… Continue Reading
  • Foundation of Vedic Astrology - You must read this to get a broad view of Vedic Astrology. It teaches you the foundations on which this vedic science is built. You need to know the 33 deva and understand the expansion of Vasudeva clearly. You need… Continue Reading
  • Yuga-Time Cycles - Makara Māsa: 14 Jan - 13 Feb, 2010 |Course starts ☉ Makara saṅkrānti Lesson#01: Linear and Cycle Time (1) Classical Greco-Roman Mythology - Greek Mythology : Hesiod, Roman Mythology : Ovid; (2) Classical Christian Mythology, Vedic Knowledge; (3) Vedic :… Continue Reading
  • Language of Seers - Lesson#03: Language of Seers Part#1 Language of Vedas, Vedāñga Jyotiṣa, Śikṣā - The Language, Chandas - The Rhythm, Vyākaraṇa - Meaningful Word, Nirukta - The Root, Jyotiṣa - The Vision, Kalpa - The Karma Language of Seers #01 Lesson#04: Language… Continue Reading
  • Vedic Calendar - Saṁvatsara Purusha The lessons given in this part are extracts from a forthcoming book on Jyotiṣa by Sanjay Rath. You are not authorized to use this information for any purpose in any literature, course or paper. There will be some… Continue Reading
  • Nakṣatra: Lunar Houses of Sidereal Zodiac - Brhat Naksatra $7.53 God has decorated the heavens with constellations like pearls on dark steed. The light of the Sun hides them in the day, and all knowledge of them is divined in the darkens of the night’ ...Maharishi Parasara,… Continue Reading
  • Vāra: Weekday - Vāra & Vāreśa: Weekday अथ सप्त वाराः। atha sapta vārāḥ | Translation: We speak of the seven weekdays आदित्यश्चन्द्रमा भौमो बुधश्चाथ बृहस्पतिः। शुक्रः शनैश्चरश्चैव वाराः सप्त प्रकीर्तिताः॥ ādityaścandramā bhaumo budhaścātha bṛhaspatiḥ | śukraḥ śanaiścaraścaiva vārāḥ sapta prakīrtitāḥ || Trasnlation: Sun… Continue Reading


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Mariella Cassar

DFAstrol.S., RCAstrol.,
Jyotish Pandita, Jaimini Scholar
I am a practicing astrologer qualified in both Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). I study Jyotish with Pandit Sanjay Rath and am qualified both Jyotisha Pandita and Jaimini Scholar. I have studied Western Astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and obtained the Faculty Diploma in Astrology as well as their post graduate Diploma in Counselling Within Astrology.